Anything I Need, They Do

“I can’t say enough good things about the Home & Health staff. They come to my home and anything I need to have done, they do. It’s not just nursing care or cleaning your home. They will come in to make my bed, iron my clothing or water my plants. It’s so frustrating, the older you get the harder things are to do. For instance making my bed, I can do it, but it takes me forever! For safety, I also stopped using the oven because I’m afraid I will drop something or burn something and Meth-Wick Home & Health can help me with meal preparation.”

–Vivian Ward

We Consider Them True Friends

“I appreciate the sincere and professional care Home & Health staff has given to my wife. After her serious fall, and follow-up complications, their care has allowed us to stay together as a couple. They truly care. They have become more than caregivers; we consider them true friends.”

–Ray Dutchik

Peace of Mind for Residents and Their Families 

“Home & Health Services has made a big difference in our families’ lives. Our parents began their relationship with Home & Health Services with “house calls” by nursing staff for health concerns. Then they needed help with special laundry needs, bathing, and safety measures. They also needed companionship on medical appointments, not only for the ride, but also for a caring professional to listen to and make sure the doctor’s questions or instructions were understood, remembered, and carried out. The nurses and aides were available for every need.

Communication has been easy and comprehensive in details that we needed to know as out-of-state family members. This service is a huge source of peace of mind for families as well as residents.”

–Lissa Dodington

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