Successful Transitions® – First Day Home


Successful Transitions® – First Day Home is a service from Home & Health designed to help prevent hospital readmissions. Studies show that patients who do not follow up with their doctor after a hospital stay are 10 times more likely to be readmitted. We are committed to helping seniors take a proactive approach to their health and reducing the likelihood they need to return to the hospital.

Home & Health Services offers a free nurse visit to any Meth-Wick resident or any off-campus client who has been released from a hospital or from a Meth-Wick care setting. Our Home & Health nurse will visit the patient 24 to 48 hours after their arrival home, and she will bring a box lunch. She will visit again after day six and day 20, and will offer an optional nursing assessment.

All of us at Home & Health want your first day home, and every day that follows, to bring you peace of mind and your best possible health.

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