In-Home Care Services

The question we hear most often is “What services does Home & Health offer?” Our broad range of services makes us unique, as we provide many options for help with household chores as well as health and wellness. Here is a detailed list of the services we provide as well as other frequently asked questions about Home & Health Services. Contact Home & Health Services today at (319) 297-8654 for one of our free health consultations.

The Home & Health Advantage

The priority for Home & Health Services is to help each individual reach their goal of remaining independent in a safe environment. The benefit of using Meth-Wick Home & Health is the peace of mind and confidence you have from knowing you are working with a reputable, well-established organization whose staff is trained and professional.

Home & Health Services offers a broad range of services to fit your home care needs.

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Successful Transitions® – First Day Home

Successful Transitions® – First Day Home is a service from Home & Health designed to help prevent hospital readmissions. Studies show that patients who do not follow up with their doctor after a hospital stay are 10 times more likely to be readmitted. We are committed to helping seniors take a proactive approach to their health and reducing the likelihood they need to return to the hospital.

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Home & Health Services offers senior transportation options that are easy and convenient. While transportation is not specifically in-home care, we know that it plays a vital role in your health, as does medication assistance and blood pressure monitoring. Easy access to transportation keeps you connected to the community, allowing you the freedom and independence to do the things you want to do.

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Medication Assistance

Taking medication as directed by your doctor impacts your health. And if you take multiple medications, taking the right dose at the right time can feel overwhelming. Home & Health Services staff can remind you to take your medication, call in your refills and contact your doctor when you are out of refills. Home & Health Services also offers MedSmart, a countertop electronic reminder and dispensing system designed to help you take medications in the right dose at the right time.

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Dementia Care

Home & Health caregivers are specially trained to be aware of, and sensitive to, the needs of clients with dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes and depression. Staff receives eight hours of training upon hiring in addition to in-home training for the specific needs of each client. After this initial training, staff receive an additional two hours of training annually to stay current with new ideas and philosophies.

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